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January 19, 2000
The List

A list of things I am planning/need to do

1) Tonight at the AIAA meeting I decided to go to the professional chapter meeting in Orlando next Thursday night. There will be a presentation about possible manned Mars missions and that sounds very exciting to me.

2) The neat-o NASA tour that we planned for the beginning of December (it was cancelled because of the shuttle launch that was postponed) is going to be rescheduled for sometime next month.

3) I need to think about getting Stu a Valentineís Day present!

4) The Alpha Chi Omega Woodser is this Saturday night and Stu and I will be there from 9 PM until 1 AM. I need to get a six-pack cooler since we canít bring anything larger. I also need to go to the grocery store to find stuff to put in it!

5) I found out that since I have been an Alpha Chi sister since 1997 I donít have to participate in Spring Rush! I love being old sometimes.

6) The Gamma Iota philanthropy is taking place on January 31 and February 1. If anyone is Gainesville would like to run in our 5K fun run on February 1st email me at

7) Looking ahead, our spring 2000 formal will take place on April 22. Woohoo!

8) I really wish I could find the scanner I want in stock in some store in Gainesville. A trip to Office Depot tonight didnít help either.

9) Tomorrow is my momís birthday. Happy birthday! I have an idea for her present, but I havenít gotten it yet. I will have to take care of that before the next time I go home for a visit.

10) I need to make some preliminary plans for spring break.

11) Since I hate the pop-ups that Tripod puts on every page that I have so I am attempting to create a new homepage at another site. I am having a blast working on it, so I will post the new URL as soon as it is ready for public scrutiny.

12) New homework assignments were assigned today so I have to work on aerodynamics, circuits, and especially numerical analysis because we have an assignment due Friday.

13) The first thing I need to think about it taking a shower and going to bed.