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January 11, 2000
Crazy Days and Lazy Days

Yesterday was the first day of spring classes and I had the opportunity to go to all four of my classes. I forgot to even look at my class schedule before I left to go to the aerospace building so I walked into the lounge and asked everyone what class we had first. We all decided we were supposed to be in room 327, but none of us could remember which class it was. After Dr. Fitz-Coy walked into the room about ten minutes late we realized that we were in astrodynamics. Come to think of it, here is my class schedule for the spring 2000 semester in case you want to see what I do during the week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 7:25-8:15          
2 8:30-9:20          
3 9:35-10:25 Astrodynamics   Astrodynamics   Astrodynamics
4 10:40-11:30 Numerical Analysis   Numerical Analysis   Numerical Analysis
5 11:45-12:25 Aerodynamics   Aerodynamics Circuits Lab Aerodynamics
6 12:50-1:40       Circuits Lab  
7 1:55-2:45       Circuits Lab  
8 3:00-3:50 Circuits I   Circuits I   Circuits I

My classes all went OK. In all four of them the professor started lecturing on course material, which some people would think is ridiculous on the first day of class, but thatís normal for my classes. I had to buy $330 worth of textbooks which didnít make me too happy. When you get to a certain point in engineering studies you need to keep your books for future reference so I wonít be seeing any of that money again any time soon. I have a shelf full of old textbooks that come in handy once in awhile. Anyway, I already have two homework assignments to work on and several chapters to read in the new books. I do have a four-day weekend coming us since we donít have class on Monday and my Tuesday are free. Stuart is planning to go skiing this weekend so I canít count on him for a date. What am I going to do with myself?

Stu did take me out for my birthday last night. As soon as I get a scanner and he gets his pictures developed I will have a photo reference for you to look at. We went to TGI Fridayís and I ordered a delicious strawberry margarita. At Fridayís they do something strange for birthdays Ė they tie balloons in your hair! Supposedly I should have gotten 21 balloons since that is how old I am, but maybe they were short on balloons because I only got five. I could tell Stu wanted to laugh at me the whole time I had those things in my hair because he had a constant grin on his face. Iím sure it was a pretty funny sight to see. Thatís what he has a picture of, by the way. After dinner we went to the grocery store and I bought some wine coolers. They were delicious too, but I had to leave them at Stuís apartment because I canít keep them here at the house (at least not until I get a refrigerator for my room). It was a great night. I finally got some time to spend with my wonderful boyfriend and that was the best part.

Today I have been lazy. The pieces of my birthday cake from home have been disappearing more rapidly since I have been here almost all day. Very little homework has gotten done (actually I am surprised ANY has gotten done, but that's another story) and I slept a lot. I guess thatís OK considering I was busy yesterday and I have to go back to class tomorrow, but I am going to try and not make it a habit on Tuesdays. Pretty soon I will have enough work to fill up my free Tuesdays and then I will dream about the time when I could spend the whole day doing almost nothing. Those were the daysÖ