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What I Have Learned from Listening to NPR

July 7:
1) Children need to play with blocks
2) How to file for bankrupcy and avoid paying all debts
3) Tobacco companies should not pay as much
4) Invest in Money Market Funds (not the same investing/saving rules as years past)
5) The South Park movie is trying to say that censorship is the way to the destruction of civilization

July 8:
1) A smaller percentage of Americans will marry in their lifetime in the future
2) Probably the best age to marry is in the late twenties
3) Nickelodeon (the TV network) is trying to make kids more secure and more informed
4) Not enough people of color in newsrooms

July 9:
1) 5000 years ago people worshipped a goddess and then for the next 5000 years they worshipped a god - what happened to change the sex of God?
2) In Kosovo the ethnic cleansing occurs door-to-door
3) Fungi were responsible for the Irish potato famine
4) Someone actually wrote a book called Magical Mushrooms and Mischievous Mold

July 12:
1) The judge in the Microsoft monopoly trial will probably rule against Microsoft
(I didn't spend too much time at work today)

July 13:
1) If you are a woman who wants money for a political camplaign try to get it from other women
2) Cocaine and heroin were once marketed as miracle drugs
3) Kids are desperately seeking boundaries (as related by an ex-Marine general)
4) Suburban sprawl is positive in some cities but negative in others

July 14:
1) Ernest Hemmingway and his father both committed suicide, maybe due to a mental disorder

July 15:
1) Perhaps violence should be censored as obscenity (not according to the ACLU, however)
2) Major TV networks are making predominantly white shows while other networks include minorities

July 16:
1) "You won't need a cold shower, but you might feel like you're in one" due to the late Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut"
2) Democrats say President Clinton will veto the new Patient Bill of Rights

July 19:
1) JFK, Jr. and passengers in his plane could not have survived more than 18 hours in the cold water off Martha's Vineyard
2) A government can commit artocities during wartime if it follows the "rules of war"
3) China and Taiwan are officially one country, but they have had seperate governments of hundreds of years

July 21:
1) Butterflys are beginning to replace bubbles for release at weddings
2) The body of JFK, Jr. was found inside the fuselage of his plane in the water off the coast of Martha's vineyard
3) Johnson & Johnson is developing a birth control patch for women (ha!)
4) RU-486, the abortion drug, is finally going to be available to doctors soon
5) 100 years ago today Ernest Hemmingway was born

July 23:
1) The F-22 cruises at a speed of 1.5 times the speed of sound
2) The ashes of JFK, Jr. were buried at sea in a rare civilian ceremony with the Navy
3) Nolan Ryan struck out 8 father/son combinations in his major leage baseball career

July 28:
1) The Mennonite congregation as a whole has rejected same-sex couples, but some sects accept them
2) High school is an outdated institution that should be abolished (read about this before)