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Dream Sequence #1 - May 30, 1999

Since I waited a long time to write about this one I canít remember very much. It was a very vivid and scary dream, however. I do remember that I was with another person, a female, but I donít think I knew who she was in the first place. Some guy who was obviously trying to kill us was chasing us. In the end, he caught both of us and slit our wrists. That was probably one of the worst dreams I have ever had. I watched as this guy sliced open my wrists and I began to bleed. In the dream I was crying and begging him to let us go. Then I woke up, scared and disoriented. You know how sometimes you awaken from dreams but they were so real you can hardly distinguish them from reality? Thatís how it was the other night. No one should have to wake up fearing for his life.

I canít remember much else about that dream, but I will tell you about the worst dream I ever had. I was in high school when I had this one and aliens had taken over the school. (Sounds cheesy enough, right? Just wait.) They were killing most of the students in a very methodical way. The aliens lined them up in long rows and gave each one something to drink. I was sneaking around the entire setup at the time this was happening so I knew what was really going on. I knew that six out of every seven students had been given a lethal dose of poison, but every seventh one was going to live. That was scary in itself, but then I watched my friends drink the poison.

I donít know why no one noticed that I was wandering around. The only way I could save myself was to find a place in line so that I wouldnít be given any poison. In the process of finding that place I came across my friends who were unknowingly dying. They were all sleepy and wanted to rest. I tried to make them stay awake, but they all died right before my eyes. I was grief stricken. In the end I didnít find a suitable place in line and one of the aliens forced me to drink the poison.

I knew if I went to sleep, like my friends had, I would die. I couldnít let that happen. As the poison began to take effect I struggled to keep my eyes open and my mind alert. Can you imagine what that was like? I was trying to keep myself alive! At that point I think I woke up so I donít know if I was going to die or not. What a dream. No one should have to deal with a nightmare like that either. Watching your friends die and then waiting to die yourself are very scary things to dream about. I canít believe I remember so much about that one Ė it was so long ago. It was very vivid and I guess it has stuck with my through the years. I wish it hadnít.