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I was born shortly after midnight on January 9, 1979. My dad remembers that it was very cold that night. We lived in a condominium near Godby High School until August of that year, then we moved into the house that we live in now. The other day I asked my mom if we could move so I could get rid of all of my excess junk, but this house as all of my childhood memories since I canít remember living in any other place. The layout of my room has been the same since I was old enough to sleep in a grown-up bed, but the look of it has changed. My favorite color is pink, so when I was in fifth grade we exchanged the yellow wallpaper that had been previously adorning my walls for a pink floral design. I loved it then (it has been about 10 years) and I still love it now.

My room tells a lot about me. First of all I am a pack rat and I donít throw away anything that could possibly be of sentimental value. I have many treasured items that I display. I have one entire bookshelf full of novels, my old childrenís books, textbooks, and old class notebooks. My other shelf has my cherished stuffed animals, yearbooks, photo albums, and other miscellaneous items. I used to keep my math trophies on my desk, but I have replaced them with my Alpha Chi Omega scrapbook, my sorority initiation wineglass from October 1997, my momís Alpha Chi formal pitcher from 1969, my formal glass from April 1999, and my senior prom glass from May 1997. The desk looks classier this way. I have a collection of Precious Moments figurines on my dresser, even though my mom hates them.

As of this summer (1999) I am technically a senior at the University of Florida and I am majoring in aerospace engineering. By the time I was five years old I decided I wanted to be an astronaut and I am still working towards that goal today. When I was about ten years old I found out what aerospace engineering was and thatís when I decided what my college major would be. Some people are surprised that I havenít deviated from that path yet, but I know it is what I want to do with my life. I am not sure if I am going to reach my ultimate goal of becoming an astronaut, but I know I have the ability and if I find the right opportunities I will make it happen. Even though I am designated a senior in college I still have two more years (possibly five more semesters) to go before I can graduate. The engineering school at UF gives the students a very strict schedule of courses they have to complete before they can graduate, and I am only about halfway through. I am starting to think about graduate school now since I am planning to go immediately after I get my undergraduate degree. My mom thinks it is funny that we started thinking about college after two years of high school, and now we are thinking about grad school after two years of college! I havenít made any decisions about where I want to go yet, but Georgia Tech has a very good aerospace graduate program and that I foremost in my mind.

My family is the most important thing in my life right now. Growing up I did not appreciate them enough and I feel the need to make up for it now. My mom has become my best friend, my favorite shopping buddy, and my most trusted confidante. Sometimes I donít tell her immediately when bad things happen, but this is only because I know she will worry until the problem is resolved. I always tell her in the end, though. My dad has been my softball coach, my driving instructor, and the first guy to give me a peek into the male mind.