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August 22, 1999
Bid Day

Rush is finally over and no one is happier than I am. Today we brought 59 new members into Alpha Chi Omega as the 1999 fall pledge class. We found out that we had met Panhellenic quota (which was 59) about 10 minutes before the new members showed up on our front lawn. Of the five girls I rushed during preferentials on Saturday four of them are now members of Alpha Chi Omega and that makes me very happy. They are all great girls and we are glad to have them here. A new pledge class is always one of the best things to liven up a sorority house and I look forward to some excitement following the addition of ours.

As Jennifer, one of the members of our Rush board, was reading off the names of the new members and assigning Bid Day buddies to all of them I was fixing broken nametags. Consequently I didnít get a Bid Day buddy, but that was OK with me. The members of PC í98 really needed to be the ones to meet these new girls because they will be taking little sisters soon. I am planning to take another little sister this fall also so I need to make sure and meet all of the new members.

We took our annual house pictures today. I finally ordered the formal and informal pictures of my pledge class (PC í97, baby) along with the formal picture of the entire house. Too bad I waited until only about half of us are left to buy them! I should have bought those pictures from the past two years because they turned out really great. I think the ones from this year will be cute too so I hope they are worth the extra money. We had a bunch of criers today because they didnít get into the houses they wanted. They will all be in our house picture so I hope that doesnít ruin it. Last year one of the girls I rushed during preferentials came to our house on Bid Day, but didnít want to be there. She cried her eyes out that day and we never saw her again after that. She is in the house picture and you can tell she had been crying.

After dinner (not pizza or Subway, thank goodness) we went bowling. I didnít think it was such a great idea for Bid Day, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. We only had time to bowl one game and, of course, I was terrible. We had a professional photographer, we call him Flash, there at the alley and I took a bunch of pictures with different people. It costs almost two dollars to buy a copy of the pictures so I think I will be spending a lot of money on flashed this year! I didnít get a picture with my ďfamilyĒ (Liz, Katherine, and me) so I still have to get one with my own camera.

Classes start tomorrow and I am ready for it. I still have to buy two more books, but maybe I can get that done soon. I will be seeing Stu in three classes tomorrow so that will be good. We will be seeing each other a lot this semester so if we donít kill each other we will be doing great. Emmy is in our dynamics class in the morning so at least I will know a few people there already. To everyone starting high school or college classes tomorrow Ė good luck! I know FSU classes start next Monday, but my friend Karen at UC Berkeley told me that she starts tomorrow and Iím sure a lot of other campuses do as well. Have fun!