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July 5, 1999
Back to the Routine

Written on July 7th, but placed on the webpage in its rightful space because I donít have the patience to put the entire weekend in one singular entry. I hope you can forgive me. I had a busy but fun weekend and I would like to tell all about it. Please read on to find out more.

I woke up not knowing where I was again. You think Iíd be able to remember where I went to sleep, but apparently it isnít that easy to do. Last night the cats were climbing over me and at one point they stepped on my stomach while I was half awake. That certainly didnít help me get a good nightís sleep. I knew that Stuart was leaving today and that didnít make me too excited to be awake.

Stu left after breakfast. I know he had a lot of things to get done today and he needed to get home early. He has a flight lesson tomorrow and I bet he hasnít read his assigned chapters yet. I had a lot to do today also since I have to go to work tomorrow and I wonít have much free time for awhile after then. I guess I mostly wanted to relax after Stu left because we hadnít had much time for that while he was here. I am going to miss him.

My mom and I went shopping AGAIN because I still donít have a suitable dress/shoes combination for the third round of Rush yet. I have a few dresses but no shoes to match them, and I have one or two pairs of shoes but no dress that would look right with them. What a pain. We havenít finished the first dress that we started making yet so we donít know if that particular patter would make a good Rush dress. If it turns out then we might make another one in a pastel material. My mom and I went to Ross and TJ Max looking for a dress, but we couldnít find anything that fir correctly. That often happens in those kinds of stores since the dresses there are the department store rejects. Also we went to the fabric store to look at dress patterns and materials. We found two patterns that are possibilities, but none of the material was very pretty. I am at a loss here. If anyone out there knows where I can find a nice pastel dress please email me at and help me out!

My mom and I also went to see ďNotting HillĒ tonight. What a cute movie! In real life it is very improbable that two people with such different lives would be able to get together, but I loved the story anyway. Now I need to go to bed. My alarm is going to go off at 6:30 AM in the morning and I would like to be ready for that event when it happens. Wish me luck.