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July 14, 1999
The Worst is Yet to Come

Could this day get any worse? As soon as I say that Iím sure it could. I am at work now and it is almost 10:15 AM. I only got here about twenty-five minutes ago and that makes me really frustrated. Last night I asked my mom to take a look at my temporary veneers on my teeth to see if they were chipped again. Well, they werenít in the place she checked, but as I was checking a large piece of plastic came off it my fingers. ďJust great,Ē I thought, ďanother inconvenient trip to the dentist tomorrow morning.Ē I was right. I called the emergency answering machine at 6:30 AM and when the dentist called back at 7:30 AM he told me to go to the office at 8 AM.

Twice I was asked (rather annoyed, actually) if I had worn my night guard for my teeth. Of course I had! There is no way I wanted to break my teeth any more, but somehow it happened anyway. I know the dentist is really mad after fixing these suckers three times already, but this time there was nothing I could do to prevent the breakage. He fixed my teeth and told me to go home and make sure my night guard fit before I went back to work. Another delay on the way to work, huh? As I said, I got into the office at 9:50 AM, but not after a wonderful mishap trying to find a parking space.

The lot in front of Mendenhall was full (as I suspected) and I had to go to another lot. As I pulled up to the gate there were a lot of coin slots and stuff that confused me. After trying to feed the machine money the guy waiting behind me (there were several, actually, and they were all annoyed) told me to use my parking card. I finally found the slot for it Ė the words telling what it was were gone and thatís why I got so confused. Everyone who was watching this little scene from inside the parking lot followed my car with their eyes until I parked. Even then they decided it was their obligation to watch me get out of my car and walk to my building. I felt like such as idiot. So thatís the whole story of my morning. Letís hope the afternoon is less eventful and more fun.


Stuart left for Michigan with his family today. I got an email from him on Monday night, but nothing after that. The email was basically to tell me about his weekend and to tell me he was leaving Gainesville on Tuesday afternoon. I wish I had heard from him after Monday, but I guess he was just too busy. I figure I wonít be hearing from him at all while he is away and thatís not a real fun thought. However, he has been pretty busy for the past several days and I have hardly heard from him at all. Sometimes I wonder what he is up to Ė if it is important enough to keep him from writing to me. I guess I am just not very interesting here in Tallahassee with my repetitive job and Stu needs something else to keep him entertained. I guess I canít blame him. He goes to play hockey (his favorite pastime) and to clubs and to parties. I donít do any of that stuff here at home. I havenít been in a very happy mood for a few days (mostly because I havenít heard from Stu, but for other reasons also) and I can be very unattractive when I am sad. The next good thing in my life is more than a week away so I have some time to be depressed. Isnít that a wonderful thought?

I am planning to make a trip to the dentist on Friday morning because these stupid teeth seem to break every other day. Letís hope that I am wrong this time. Letís also hope that I am happy tomorrow so that I donít have to write such a depressing entry for you guys to read. I know the phrase, ďyou have to make yourself happy or no one else will,Ē but itís not as easy as it sounds. When you work all day and you only want to sleep when you get home life is not exciting. My friends here in Tallahassee have other ways to amuse themselves that donít involve me, but I am pretty much a visitor to the city right now. I wish I wasnít so sad. Why do I let small things affect me so much? That must be my biggest fault as a person. Now that I have identified it I need to work to change it Ė but I have tried before and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?