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June 10, 1999
Another Day, Another Thunderstorm

Yes, it is definitely summer here in Gainesville, FL. Another evening walk was rained out when it started raining around 7:30 PM. I donít think itís raining now, but the thunder and lightening has kept me inside for the night. Great. We had a short tornado warning earlier when a tornado was spotted forming in Alachua County. I only heard about the warning after it expired so I guess it wasnít important enough to tell the general public about until it was too late. Thatís summer weather in Florida - high temperatures in the nineties and about a 30% change of afternoon thunderstorms. The Weather Channel could just give us that forecast everyday and it would be pretty accurate.

The most exciting part of my day (not exciting to me but maybe to someone else) was wandering around the engineering buildings looking for Stuart from 12 noon until 12:45 PM. I figured he would be eating lunch outside because he said he always does. What a liar! I found the room where his backpack and bottle of water were hanging out during the noon hour, but there was no cute, blonde college boy to go along with them, much to my despair. It serves me right for wanting to surprise him, though. The best-laid plans (on my part) are the first to fail (when the other party doesnít know about them). I bought him some cookies at Subway to bring to him, but when he wasnít around I figured I could eat them myself. Sorry about that, Stu! Iíll make it up to you somehow.

The weekend is fast approaching and I donít have any concrete plans yet! This is my last weekend in Gainesville for awhile since next week is our last of Summer A classes. Thank goodness. Stu mentioned something about a possible trip this weekend, but he hasnít said anything about it since last Sunday. Hmm. I do have a paper that I should be writing (as soon as we get the assignment, hopefully tomorrow) but that would be really boring. I want to do something fun. After next week I have seven weeks at home before I come back to Gainesville on August 7. That also means I will be without my boyfriend too! I hope we get to do something this weekend rather than leaving me with too much time and only a dumb paper to write.

My mom just found out that she has to report for jury duty tomorrow morning. I really feel sorry for her. I was summoned for jury duty last summer at the end of July, when I was working at the Magnet Lab. The instructions on the summons tell you to call the night before you are told to report and make sure the potential jurors are still needed. Fortunately when I called I didnít have to report at all. Good thing because if I had been placed on the jury of a case that lasted longer than a week I wouldnít have been able to come back to Gainesville in time for sorority Rush preparation. My mom called tonight and she found out that she does have to report in the morning. What a pain. I hope she doesnít get picked for a jury (and she wants the same thing).

Brandyís boyfriend/fiancee, Jacob, showed up here yesterday and he stayed with us last night. He is still here so I guess he is going to stay tonight as well. I never expected Jacob to show up in the middle of the week or stay this long. The two of them have been in her room since he showed up yesterday (except when she went to class this morning). I think Brandy is going back home with him tomorrow after her classes. I am the only roommate who is going to be around this weekend (and hopefully I wonít be around either). Anyway, I am not too fond of Jacob. He has been here twice to visit and both times he has criticized the food we have. First of all, it is not his place to criticize what kind of food I eat! Second, he is way too picky and wonít eat anything Brandy offers him. Third, as far as I can tell he is a lazy bum who canít drive somewhere and get his own food. I guess those are my main complaints. I tried to keep an open mind when I met him for the second time (because I didnít like him the first time around and because Brandy is such a nice girl) but my opinion of him is slipping.

Gotta go and read some more about the structures of scientific revolutions. It is actually interesting stuff. I also have a deal with Stuart that if I work on reading the book from 10 to 11 PM then I will call him back. Since it is 10 PM now I had better get going. By the way, it is still raining.