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June 1, 1999
With My Nose to the Grindstone

I had to go back to classes today for the first time since last Thursday morning. Since I had that killer midterm last Wednesday in History of Science we took Thursday and Friday off. That means we hadn’t had a lecture class for a week. It is hard to go back after that. Also I have a test in Marriage and Family this Thursday. Great, another week of studying. (Maybe not a week, but it sure feels like it.)

This weekend Stuart is going out of town on a hang gliding trip. How am I going to amuse myself? Good question. I was hoping Kathe would come to Gainesville and keep me company, but I don’t think she will. I don’t have that many friends here in Gainesville now and I get lonely easily. I really miss my sisters. There was never a dull moment around the Alpha Chi Omega house, even when there were only five of us living there (at the end of last semester’s finals week). Here’s a good story from that time…

Jennifer Andreu is one of my sisters from Marianna, FL and she has a great southern accent. She also has a fake roach! Can you guess what happened? Another sister, Allison, is deathly afraid of roaches, especially since she had a large one attack her during “Days of Our Lives” once. Jennifer got a load of laughs when she threw the fake roach at Allison. It made her scream (during “Days” once again). Later the little rubber roach was planted in a box of Oreos. I can only imagine what people thought when they saw it lying there amongst the cookies. What a crazy girl Jennifer is. She is also the one who cut my hair at the drop of a hat one evening. She is also the girl whose date for our spring formal had won a pork-eating contest at Sonny’s! I could go one and on about her, but I will stop now. One of these days I will have to make a page dedicated to my sorority sisters that I mention here.

What I was trying to say a few paragraphs ago is that I should never live alone. I am glad I got this dorm with two roommates rather than a single where I would be by myself all the time. He in the Apartment Residence Facility (ARF) I have my own little (stress little) bedroom, a kitchen, and a common living area. When Brandy and Liesl both leave for the weekend it is very quiet around here. I guess I need someone to talk to so I won’t get lonely as much. This is why I miss my sisters! Being able to go downstairs at the sorority house and find someone to talk to is a priceless opportunity that I shall never take for granted.

Why is it that whenever you get ready to do something that you aren’t sure is going to happen it never does? I went walking early tonight, came back, took a shower, and got ready in case Stuart called about watching a movie at his apartment. Just my luck tomorrow he’ll decide to watch the movie when I have just come back from walking when I look and smell horrible. It’s that how it always happens, though? I wish I had something else to do (besides homework) so I wouldn’t be sitting around here waiting for him to call. I guess I COULD be reading for History of Science, but that might be venturing too far into the realm of boredom. I guess I will have to venture there anyway now that I am finishing today's ramblings.