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May 26, 1999
What a Busy Day

Let me tell you about the great day Iíve been having. It all started at 8:00 AM when my alarm clock went off. No way I was going to get up that early in the morning! So letís skip ahead to 8:20 AM when I actually did get out of bed. I remembered that my History of Science (HS) midterm was today and I freaked out. I had been studying for about three days straight for this test and I still didnít feel the least bit prepared. I had my Marriage and Family (MF) class at 9:30 AM this morning so I had to delay my HS studying for at least the hour and fifteen minutes I spent there. Of course there was a fire drill during class too! Why in the heck would the university have a fire drill during a class period? It beats the heck out of me. Anyway, after class was over I headed to the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union to study.

I got there and got settled around 11 AM. I sat in the food court where there are several restaurants. When I started there were only a few people there eating or studying. Around 11:30 AM the slow influx of people turned into a massive tidal wave! The University of Florida is holding Preview sessions for incoming freshman now and I think they got out of a seminar around 11:30 AM. Anyway, the place was packed. The ambient noise seemed to help me concentrate. I worked straight from 11 AM until 12:30 PM when I got a little surprise.

I was in the middle of writing down some information I could use for a possible essay question when suddenly a pair of hands covers me eyes. ďI wonder who it could be?Ē Of course it is my wonderful boyfriend Stuart coming to see how I was doing. I donít know if he knew I would be there or whether he just came for lunch. Either way I was very happy to see him. Earlier I had been thinking how nice it would be if he showed up. My wish came true! It was nice to have someone to eat lunch with, but my studying pattern was interrupted and I didnít get back into the grove at all, even after Stuart left.

My HS midterm was scheduled for 3:30 PM that afternoon. Even when I showed up to take the test I didn't feel prepared for it. I estimate that I studied for two days straight with only a little slack time. Was I prepared? More than I thought I was. We had to write four identifications (five minutes each) and then a thirty-minute essay. We had been given a list of 39 possible identifications and 6 possible essay questions beforehand, but it wasn't as helpful as it seemed. When it was all over my hand and elbow were killing me! I think it went pretty well considering how unprepared I felt before the test. When I find out how I did I will put it in a later entry.

I promised Stuart that I would make dinner after my test. This required a trip to the grocery store because we were having tacos and I needed the necessary ingredients. Dinner was delicious, if I do say so myself, and nothing got burned or burned down in the cooking process. ďThe way to a manís heart is through his stomach,Ē says my mother. At least thatís been her experience. I hope she is right! Brandy, Stuart, and I watched ďDawsonís CreekĒ at 9 PM, probably much to Stuartís dismay. It speaks well for him that he sat through such a sappy show. It was wonderful to have him around this evening to talk to. I was glad that the test and my dinner creation had gone so well. After the stress of preparing for my exam I relaxed eagerly and I anticipate a sound sleep tonight.