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December 16, 1999
Before the Break

Only one more exam and I will be done with the semester. Although it will be a relief to not have any more schoolwork to worry about for three weeks I am not excited about how the exams have gone so far. I thought maybe I could do really well this semester and bring my GPA up a little bit, but since I was sick and I didnít have much time to study for my finals I am afraid that isnít going to happen. How frustrating! I guess since I have so many credit hours my GPA canít fluctuate that much with one semesterís worth of grades, but that is a disappointment as well as a comfort. Why do I worry so much about things I have no control over? Now that the exams are over I am at the mercy of teaching assistants I have never met who will grade me test and professors who may or may not give me the benefit of the doubt gradewise. I need to relax, concentrate on the one test I have left (intermediate engineering analysis), and start packing to go home for the break.

I am not going to have access to my homepage over the next three weeks so I donít think I will be able to update my diary until I get back to Gainesville. Consequently the day I get back to Gainesville (January 9) is my 21st birthday! Too bad it is a Sunday, but since I donít have any classes on Tuesday next semester I can go out with my friends on Monday night. What I am trying to say is that the next update of this page will be on my birthday so make sure to come back then and see what is new. I am planning to write diary entries while I am at home so I will post them as soon as I have accommodating Internet access.

Even though I have three weeks off from school this year, something that doesnít generally happen at the University of Florida, my family isnít planning anything exciting. We are going to visit my grandparents in Sun City Center for a few days after Christmas. It is a nice coincidence that Sun City Center is near Tampa and I will be able to visit Stuart while my family is down there. I had a hard time being away from him for five days during Thanksgiving so I donít know how I will make it over the Christmas break! I donít have any plans for New Yearís Eve yet. Stu invited me to go to Miami with him for a party that one of his friends is throwing, but I donít think I want to drive that far for such a short visit. Maybe something will be going on in Tallahassee Ė Iíll have to wait and see what happens.

OK, itís time for me to get back to work. I really have no idea what to study for my exam tomorrow so I hope I will be prepared. If I am that will be a first this semester! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year since I wonít get back to you guys until next year. Letís hope the Y2K bug doesnít ruin my homepage. Hereís a word of advice: donít celebrate the new millenium until it actually starts (January 1, 2001)! By the way, Stuart and I are celebrating eight months together today. Happy anniversary, baby!